Medical and Spa packages

Citrus Hotel offers the following medical and spa packages in Tbilisi Balneological resort:

Gynecological or urological package. Details

Dermatologic package. Details

Medical treatment package. Details

Wellness Package. Details

Treatment package healthy spine. Details

We provide transfer to Balneological resort for our guests. 


Tbilisi Balneology Resort is the center of balneology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and medical tourism in Georgia.

It is not a standard clinic, or hospital. It is equipped with modern facilities, rich with natural factors - therapeutic sulfur water, curative mud - Diagnostic Medical Rehabilitation Centre, which is now completely renovated and restored. It stands out from other medical institutions by the fact that here treatment takes place with a combination of natural, physical factors and medicines, with the use of modern diagnostic equipment under the supervision of qualified professionals. In addition, the center's specialists are studying the important issues of health resorts at the scientific level.